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World's Finest Racing Tracks
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World's Finest Racing Tracks

Auto racing is the direct product of the human fascination with fast vehicles and our desire to constantly push our limits and make the best use of the available technology to compete at incredible speeds and even greater rewards. It is due to that fact that we've never seen auto racing decline in popularity, but rather open up new prospective disciplines.

But technology isn't the only thing the industry is constantly improving on. Along with faster engines and even more prodigious drivers, there are entire teams of designers and engineers working on creating the most breathtaking race tracks. Let's take a look at the world's most famous racing tracks which celebrate their accomplishments.

Nürburgring – Nordschleife

Also known as the Green Hell, Germany's finest racing track dates back to 1927 and has the reputation of being the most terrifying and demanding tracks in the world.

It features a Grand Prix race track, as well as the very long "North loop", which perfectly captures the feeling of an old school track but is much more intense. One thing that makes this historic track even more exciting is the fact that anyone can test drive their car for a small fee.


Located in the middle of the breathtaking Ardennes forest, Spa has become almost synonymous with Formula 1. It is one of the fastest tracks in the world and features even more twists, as well as a hilly texture.

Spa serves as a real challenge to even the most proficient drivers. Currently, the most successful teams to compete are Ferrari and Mclaren, however, even with these teams behind your back, you'd be hesitant to take the Eau Rogue sequence without lifting off the throttle!


No track list is complete without Monaco's famous "Monte Carlo" circuit, and for a number of reasons. Firstly, it is single handily the most prestigious racing location on earth due to its deep-rooted racing culture. Each season, the Grand Prix practically turns the city upside down. There is simply no other place that celebrates the racing culture as sincerely as Monaco.

Secondly, the track itself is a sophisticated work of art. It takes place in the streets of Monaco and places both the drivers and the audience in the center of action. With 25 turns which span over roughly 2 miles, the circuit is famous for being the most unsafe Formula 1 track, however with the fact that it was recently voted "Seven Sporting Wonders of the World", it would seem that the risks are a certain advantage.

While there are many other incredible tracks that certainly deserve to be on the list, it is these three that have contributed to the racing sport the most. Challenging the drivers and their teams, these tracks elevated the sport to a whole new level, bringing it to the benchmark of precision and technological advances it is known for today.

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