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Will the 2020 Olympics Include Motorsports?
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Will the 2020 Olympics Include Motorsports?

The Olympics is the biggest sporting event in the world which occurs every four years. Athletes from all over the world come together and compete in practically every sport imaginable. But there is an event that we have yet to see in modern Olympic games: motorsports.

Many are probably wondering why motorsport isn't included. It is still a sport, isn't it? Perhaps the most viable argument is because motorsports require the use of machines and thus it goes beyond the realm of human capabilities of athletes.

There were some motor racing events back in the Summer Olympics of 1900, although it was considered an unofficial event. And during the Summer Olympics of 1908, there were even some events in motorboat racing. But it was abolished shortly thereafter because the IOC (International Olympic Committee) ruled out motorsports as an Olympic event.

However, things could change in the 2020 Summer Olympic games. There are rumors that motorsports is being considered to be a part of the 2020 Olympic program. The details are still very vague at the moment but there's an idea circulating around that the president of Federation Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA), Jean Todt, suggested that the Formula E category would fit in nicely with the Olympic program.

Now, there are many more interesting and more exciting races than Formula E. But for motorsport fans, they'll probably be content with whatever they can get. After all, a little something is better than nothing at all.

Why motorsports could be a great addition to the Olympics

Formula E is the only category that's been mentioned as a potential entrant to the 2020 Olympic program so far, but this could be a sensible idea as Formula E makes use of electric cars, thus making it an environmental-friendly race. There are also no specialized tracks needed for this event, as is the case with Formula 1. The race is short and can take place on a regular street.

Tokyo is going to be the host for the 2020 Olympic games, a beautiful city with good streets. It should serve as a great location for a Formula E race if it should ever come into fruition. Of course, we'll have to go through the 2016 Olympic games first which will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and wait four more years after that, but it could very well be worth it.

The world of motorsports has a very large following. If motorsport events will be added to the Olympic program, it could draw in more spectators and even more attention. That can't be bad for an international sporting event, right?

Additionally, even though machines will be involved in motorsports, many of its advocates maintain that the best drivers in the world can be classified as athletes given the challenges and conditioning needed for racing. So technically, it'll still be a competition among humans and the machines will merely be tools or instruments.

Either way, whatever the IOC's decision may be, there's a lot of deliberation to be done as the inclusion of motorsports is going to be a major change to a program that has remained unchanged for decades. But if the proposal pushes through, Olympic and motorsport fans alike will definitely have something to look forward to.

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