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What’s the Difference Between Supercars and Hypercars?
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What’s the Difference Between Supercars and Hypercars?

There are normal cars that range from a pocket-friendly budget to those that are more expensive. And then there are cars that easily cost more than a million dollars. Those are the kind of cars that can get your heart racing to a whole other league. Those are the cars in which most of us would easily give up on other luxuries. And those are the kind of cars that I will talk about today.

Initially, I heard a lot about supercars and hypercars; and I always thought that they were synonyms. Well, this bubble burst quite quickly. One thumb rule that can help you understand the difference is that all hypercars are supercars but not all supercars are hypercars. Let’s understand what I’m trying to imply here. Hypercar is a term coined to define the 1 percent of all the top supercars. They are the best of the best. For instance, the Ferrari 458 is a supercar but it cannot match the technological genius of the Bugatti Veyron hypercar.

Supercars are great too when it comes to their lap times, speed, performance, design, technology and yes, price! But mostly their performance is given utmost importance. Now how is a hypercar any different? Well, it pushes the unconventional boundaries. A hypercar has to meet all the expectations in terms of design, performance, speed, technology and so on. There are no compromises with hypercars; precisely why they cost a bomb.

Two of the famous hypercars that are my personal favourites are the La Ferrari and McLaren P1. They possess stunning designs and boast of over 1000 horsepower, not to mention the millions of dollars they cost.

To sum up, hypercars are brilliant and their status needs to be protected. Since most cars today use the best materials, classic design and spectacular aerodynamics, hypercars have to constantly outdo themselves.

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