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Tweet This: A List of Fun Race Things to Follow
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Tweet This: A List of Fun Race Things to Follow

Social media has become the next wave of our generation. Nowadays you can't step into a store without being asked for a like on Facebook, or to take a selfie with the company for their Instagram.

Twitter, on the other hand, can be used as a wealth of information. Real time updates on drivers, owners, makers--it can all be found in tidy columns that manage to fill 140 character tweets with all of the information you could ever need. Here are a few to follow if you're waist-deep into NASCAR!

  • HENDRICK MOTORSPORTS, @TeamHendrick -- If you're a fan of Kasey Kahne, Chase Elliot, Jimmie Johnson or even Junior (who isn't!) then this is the all-rounder Twitter for you! It's chock full of great stats, updates, silly anecdotes and even fun contests!
  • TALLADEGA, @TalladegaSuperS -- In case team Twitters aren't your thing, you can actually get updates on actual speedways! Not only do they retweet updates about the track, but they often give out information about which race might be lighting up their road at the time.
  • CHEVY RACING, @TeamChevy -- Maybe you're just a fan of the makers, and want to see how their drivers are doing. Then, one of the ones you can find on Twitter is Team Chevy, an official Twitter that gives reports on all drivers who sport a Chevrolet logo.
  • DALE EARNHARDT JR., @DaleJr -- Or maybe you're just a fan of a single driver. You can find many of them on Twitter, but most notably is Junior, who you can follow for not only racing details, but fun things to read about his daily life!

This is but a small dip in the giant pool of Twitter; if you're looking for someone in specific, I'd recommend you take a look at @NASCAR's list function--it works great for finding whatever you need to!

And who knows? If you communicate to the people you look up to on Twitter, not only could you make their day, but they could make yours as well! It's a great tool for communicating with fans and friends alike, so go forth--go tweet your superstar!

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  1. Power and Race Crew
    Power and Race Crew
    This is awesome! We wouldn't have found these without you. Such an awesome taste of the Twitter realm.


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