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Toyota Mirai: A Hydrogen Fuel Based Car that Emits Water
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Toyota Mirai: A Hydrogen Fuel Based Car that Emits Water

The new https://ssl.toyota.com/mirai/?&srchid=sem|google|Mirai|Model_FCV|Mirai_General|Mirai+-+Pre+Order+7.20.15|Mirai_MLP">Toyota Mirai could revolutionize the world of cars very soon with its latest technology that utilizes hydrogen as fuel and emits water as its byproduct. This car is indeed the future as its name suggests. In Japanese, ‘Mirai’ means future. Imagine our world where cars only emit water instead of smoke. This would solve many environmental issues in an instant. Despite the hype around this car, the new https://ssl.toyota.com/mirai/?&srchid=sem|google|Mirai|Model_FCV|Mirai_General|Mirai+-+Pre+Order+7.20.15|Mirai_MLP">Toyota Mirai could be too costly for some to own. However, Toyota has been working hard to obtain a government grant to bring down the car's price.

Toyota has done a great job by producing a hydrogen car that looks and feels like a car that runs on petrol. In years to come, no one will be able feel the difference between a hydrogen car and a car that runs on petrol. This is not the first time Toyota is involved in producing new technology. Toyota has done it before and will do it again this time around. In 1997, Toyota was among the pioneers in producing hybrid cars that utilize low emission motoring. At that point in time, the idea of a hybrid car was relatively a new concept. Fifteen years later, more than one million Toyota Prius' have been sold in Europe alone. With the new https://ssl.toyota.com/mirai/?&srchid=sem|google|Mirai|Model_FCV|Mirai_General|Mirai+-+Pre+Order+7.20.15|Mirai_MLP">Toyota Mirai on the horizon, the company's sustainable success is on a roll.

Toyota is not the only car giant that is revolutionizing the world of the hydrogen car. Earlier this year, Hyundai introduced its own Hyundai ix35 FCEV, that also runs on hydrogen. The Toyota Mirai utilizes a similar hydrogen fuel concept as the Hyundai. Basically, the hydrogen fuel system mixes hydrogen from a tank with oxygen in the air to produce electricity. The electricity produced will then power the front wheel motor. Essentially, this hydrogen fuel based system would only cost half the price of petrol to run. Theoretically, a single tank of hydrogen fuel can power the car for a little more than 300 miles.




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