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Drive Safe This Summer
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Drive Safe This Summer

Did you know that if you don’t take the appropriate precautionary measures, driving in summer is can be even more dangerous than driving in winter? There are multiple factors at play out here, but with this checklist, you can escape the dangers altogether.

So let’s start!

Always check your tires. Make sure the air pressure level is adequate. Each car is different, so check the manufacturer’s recommended level for the tires of your car. Also, make sure to maintain the tread of your tires, so that the car will have a secure and safe grip on the road.

Carry an extra pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes while you drive. Don’t forget to hydrate yourself during car rides. And never ever leave a child or pet unattended in a car.

If you’re planning a long road trip, understand the amount of weight that your car can take before setting out. This makes a big difference in the long run. So remember to check the manufacturer’s manual—all of the details will be mentioned there.

Some people face certain allergies like sneezing, runny eyes, and drowsiness during the summer. Ensure that you take precautions to tackle such situations and try to let someone else take the wheel if possible. You need to be alert for your safety and for the safety of others as well. Insulate your car and use air filters, as they can help improve the situation.

Be careful of the rain showers during summers, as the dirt on the road mixes with the water making the roads a bit slippery. It’s best to drive slowly in such situations.

Make sure to follow the other norms too—maintain a safe distance from other vehicles, keep checking the mirror, stay focused, and look out for people crossing the roads.

Hope you tick off all these things before setting on your summer trip!

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  1. Rajul
    Thanks for the article!
    1. Ritika
      I'm glad you liked it :)
  2. Bramhananda Iyer
    Thanks for sharing!
  3. Narayan Singh
    I remember someone left their child unattended in a car. The child was crying terribly before some of us went in and called the parents. It's just a matter of responsibility I guess. I hope people use the tips you've mentioned.
  4. Ram
    I agree! I hope people use these tips!


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