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Theresa’s Race to Glory
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Theresa’s Race to Glory

In order to make a successful sale, you have to be passionate about what you are selling. This was what led Theresa Condict to accept a marketing career at Thompson Speedway. Despite being only an amateur in the field of cars, it's easy to see that she is racing to glory already.

What Drove Condict Towards Racing?

Condict’s love for cars goes way back to her childhood days. The moment she got her license in 2004, she and her dad Michael began to participate in local autocross events around the area. Although Condict specialized in music and physics, she embarked on a course that would help her combine science and art. This was what drove her to send in an application to the Development Series of the TDI Cup.

Since the drivers here are selected on the basis of potential and ability, Condict hoped that this would be her chance of meshing together her passion for racing with the science of automotive engineering. Now, one can see her behind the wheel of an Acura RSX- S. This isn’t just any car but a car that was partly built by her. Without doubt, she is now racing to glory, doing what she loves.

Although admitting that she is still just an amateur racer, Condict is currently hoping that she will be able to take the England championship this season. If she does, she will certainly be pushed up to the level of professionals thereby carving for herself a much-deserved spot among the elites in the game.

Women and Racing

Race car driving has never seen many women drivers but Condict is changing that at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park.  

Condict feels that the race course offers everyone a very level playing field, because, after all, it isn’t a person’s strength that counts here but their ability to handle a vehicle. At the same time, she says that equipment is what makes the difference and once you are dressed up in your full gear, no one would even know that you are a female.

The Glory of Racing

Condict does admit that her position as the marketing director at the park has turned out to be quite a distraction, leaving her with not much time for racing.  However, she also claims that getting to know drivers and their personalities is still a lot of fun and that she will always think of herself as a race car driver first and a woman second because that’s how much the sport means to her.

While race car driving is certainly gaining momentum as newer and better cars hit the market, tire changes have not ceased to be an expensive burden. Whether you stick to autocross racing or road cross racing, you have to change your tires after each race, to be on the safer side.

For Condict, balancing her marketing career and making time to race is not always easy but she always manages to get a couple of races at the Thompson Speedway, making it clear that there is no stopping her when she is racing to glory.  

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