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Watch These Amazing 5 GoPro Car Videos
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Watch These Amazing 5 GoPro Car Videos

The popularity of GoPro cameras is always rising and as a result people are using them to produce some of the most versatile videos. Most of the cameras are compact, feature built-in Wi-Fi, can shoot 4K footage, have a frame rate of 120 frames per second, feature waterproof cases and users can attach them to virtually anything. With such a functional and durable camera, you can capture extreme sports. Sports are interesting but however, some people have gone an extra step to recording some of the best car videos – I mean thousands of them. The following are some of the GoPro car videos that you should consider watching today.

1. What Happens When If You Attach a Go-Pro Camera to Your Moving Car Wheel by Christopher Jobson

People try to capture almost anything with the small GoPro cameras and therefore cases of very unique scenario are always rising. In this video Ryan Fox attached a GoPro Camera on the wheel of his car while driving at a night as part of his Video Sketchbook Class at University of Wisconsin. The result was a dizzying video which should possibly come with seizure/hypnotism/vertigo warnings.

2. Driving Fast But Illegally

Most people are always looking for a chance to do it, that is to jump on a motorbike and to suicidally go at a very high speed, weaving in between cars without any concern for personal safety or the many traffic laws. Fear of being pulled over and the rates of insurance skyrocketing and even death keep us securely under the set speed limits but not this person. He decided to put the other drivers at a risk. You shouldn’t try this; there are other ways of satisfying the desire for speed.

3. Driving Fast But Legally

If you are professional driver, you can drive really fast and still ensure that you are remaining on the safe side. This video shows another person driving really fast but contrary to the first case, this man is doing it legally. And even though this time we are in a car, we do not feel safer. The fact that it’s raining and it is at night has something related to the fear. Most people wouldn’t dare to drive on such a speed including on a brighter sunny day. We are happy that there is a GoPro video to show us exactly why we shouldn’t try to do that.

4. HD GoPro Police Chase Video

Police have another word for the sick GoPro video which shows you outrunning a cop car on a motorcycle – they call it evidence. This is the fate which befell a man in South Carolina, the police charged the man with five counts including reckless driving. This happened after he posted a helmet cam video showing him evading the police at a very high speed. The police found the video on YouTube and arrested him.


5. Ferrari 430-Spider Drive With GoPro Hero 2 cameras

Experience this Ferrari 430-Spider which is driven near Salt Lake City, Utah with an aim of testing out 2 new GoPro Hero 2-HD video cameras. The two video cameras are set at 1080p wide angle and with the default settings. You will definitely enjoy the cool video.

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