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The Subaru BZR: Confidence in Motion
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The Subaru BZR: Confidence in Motion

It’s time to stop sitting in the passenger seat of your life. Take the wheel with the new and improved Subaru BZR.

Subaru is an automobile manufacturing division of Japan, headed by the Fuji Heavy Industries. Since 1972, their cars have been known for having a boxer engine layout with a symmetrical all-wheel drive. From the beginning, Subaru has been at the forefront of producing practical and engineer-driven vehicles. They also offer turbocharged versions of their passenger cars, making them exceptional in the roster of the dedicated core of practical buyers.

After trying out this amazing front-engined and lightweight car, we've compiled a list of its features worthy of mention:

1. Subaru BZR went a long way to gain 5 horsepower and 5 lb-ft of torque, bringing a total of 205 hp and 156 lb-ft. In Subaru’s well-developed aspirated engine, this seems to be a strenuous number to squeeze out for the gains in power.

2. At the heart of this exceptional sports car is Subaru’s 2.0-litre flat-four with the code name FB20. This has an updated airbox bolstering an aluminum intake system. It also has 3.0-millimeter larger tubes paired with freer flowing exhaust manifolds. This engine can be directly linked to automatic or manual six-speed gearboxes. It comes with three modes- Auto, Manual and Temporary Manual, the latter allowing downshifting through paddles behind the steering wheel.

3. On its cylinder heads, the valve shells out and the camshaft undergo a more thorough polishing process to condensed friction. To further reduce drag, the direct-fuel-injection pump has been tuned. For added strength, pistons are shot-peened, and the crankshaft bearings have been whined up.

4. Subaru BZR’s torque peaks at 6400 rpm, and the bottom end of the curve is augmented at lower revs. Still existing, however, is the distinctive dip in torque between 3500 rpm and 4800 rpm. A rapidly moving BRZ remains as a key element above this soft spot, to keep the revs up high.

5. When it comes to Subaru, you’re sure that everything is fast, light-footed and swift. If you turn it to a fast corner, it will under-steer only very slightly. If you lift mid-corner or trail the brakes, it will quickly turn into controllable over-steer. At high speeds, you’ll feel very stable, thanks to its relatively long 2570mm wheelbase.

6. Subaru’s interior has a bulky and smart rev counter, with the speedometer sitting off to the left and the fuel gauges and temperature to the right.

7. When it comes to entertainment, Subaru BRZ is at the top of its game. This sports car comes with dual-zone climate control, keyless entry and go, USB connectivity, cruise control and sports seats.

8. Outside this seamless car, there are 17 inches alloy wheels, a sporty body kit, a rear spoiler and xenon headlights.

9. Subaru BRZ prides its new 4.2 inches screen, alongside with a smaller-diameter steering wheel with audio controls, tweaked powertrain and exterior styling. It also has suspension improvements claimed to develop fuel efficiency and handling. There’s also a new track setting enhanced to the drive mode selector.

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Photo credits to Auto Guide.

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  1. Marita 1963
    This a great read!
  2. Jepepoy
    I love the engine of this car. Truly worth the buy!
  3. Popoy
  4. MarvinTheMartian
    Subaru is beyond cheap! Buy one now.
  5. RJ Wong
    I love this post..


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