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The New McLaren 720S Velocity Supercar: Wonderful To Behold, Frighteningly Fast
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The New McLaren 720S Velocity Supercar: Wonderful To Behold, Frighteningly Fast

The McLaren 720S is barely one week old, but the McLaren Special Operations (MSO) team has already built its first redder and bolder successor. Unveiled in Geneva, the Velocity is proof of what the MSO team is capable of, given sufficient time and money. And like the original, it will be frighteningly fast.

Probably the most eye-catching element of the Velocity is its two-tone red paint coating known as Velocity. A new tint of Nerello red has been applied on the panels on the upper body and nose, and then blended into a brighter volcano red tint on the lower body and rear. Even the bonnet, made of carbon fiber, has been finished off using a special shade, even though the weave can still be seen through the car’s new finish.

The spanking new paint is paired with a set of lightweight wheels that come in metallic bronze. The exterior, on its part, is absolutely saturated with glossy carbon fiber accessories. The entire service cover, rear deck and aero elements on the side-sills and rear are finished using the lightweight weave.

Inside, the MSO team has ensured the bucket seats are trimmed to complement the exterior. The result is that the dark Alcantara trim has been offset by red-colored leather details. Together with the bucket seats, the dashboard, doors and steering wheel have been finished with a dash of color. Drivers of the Velocity will also find a new electronic interface that offers the option of a full display or a slimline format that only shows critical information like fuel, speed and temperature levels. But still intact is a centrally-located touchscreen that allows the user to control navigation, media, audio, and climate controls We have no doubt that some buyers will push the boundaries of taste much further when they make orders for their own cars with their personal specifications. But the Velocity demonstrates what can be done with a bit of restraint.

The Velocity is still powered by the M480T V8 engine that is used in the standard car. This means that it generates 710 horsepower (or 529 kW) and it has an impressive 770 Newton-meters (568 pounds per foot) of torque. The car will go from zero to 100 kilometers per hour (62 miles per hour) in an eye-watering 2.9 seconds, and 200 kilometers per hour in 7.8 seconds. The MSO team has enhanced the shift speeds of the 7-speed gearbox, paying special attention to the upshifts and downshifts. This enables the driver to make the sharpest shifts when driving at high speeds without any tradeoffs on refinement when the car is using the auto mode of the gearbox. To say that this car is fast would be an understatement—these numbers belong to hypercars.

Below the Velocity’s aluminum skin and affixed to its carbon structure is a comprehensively revamped chassis. The Proactive Chassis Control II software by McLaren makes its debut on this super car, and each and every aluminum component in the double wishbones and uprights has been re-engineered and made lighter, resulting in savings of 16 kilograms of the total mass. The new suspension geometry provides maximum road grip. The reworked front suspension geometry will enhance the steering feel whereas the rear suspension has been modified to boost braking ability.

The new McLaren 720S Velocity supercar by MSO is on display at the Geneva Motor Show, and it is priced at around US$407,500 (£335,000), so only those with the financial wherewithal need apply.

Image credit: carmagazine.co.uk

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