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The First Taste of Mercedes-Benz EQ
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The First Taste of Mercedes-Benz EQ

Mercedes-Benz EQ represents the first addition of the well-known German manufacturer to the family of electricity power cars. The brand presented its new model at the 2016 Paris motor show which will become a flagship of the entirely new series of electric vehicles. The company aims to spend more than $15 billion to introduce more than ten battery-powered models by the year 2025. The first type will be available in 2019.

Entirely New Sub-Brand

The new sub-brand of the electric vehicles called EQ is planned to rival the current models Tesla Model X or Aude E-tron Quattro. The further aim of the company is to focus on the modern autonomous driving technology and other devices to increase the comfort of the driver.

What Is It Like?

Apart from the other companies´ models, the new EQ doesn´t have a design too different from the other cars on the street. The constructors stick to the appealing and remarkable style of the traditional models. The new five-door SUV is thus very similar to the GLC Coupe in its shape. The most futuristic part of the car are headlights placed in a stylish black panel and very similar but smaller panel in the rear.

The brand also paid attention to the aerodynamics of its model, so the shaping of the car together with the air systems are created to provide the best results.

Some Numbers

The dimensions of the model are quite similar to the existing GLC and GLE models, with the length being 4730 mm, width 1950 mm and height 1560 mm. The basis of the SUV is made of high-quality steel and aluminum which should provide the sufficient amount of durability.

You can use various battery combinations, and types of wheelbase as the architecture of the car is fully scalable. The car will most probably feature two electric power units - one situated in the front and one in the rear of the car. The two engines will have the total output of 300kW which is comparable to the 3.0-litre V6 petrol engine.

The new model will be able to reach 0-100 km/h in less than five seconds. Even more spectacular is the number of total range as the car is planned to be able to run for more than 500 km on the single charge.

The Interior

The main feature of the car´s interior is, of course, the informational and instrument display. It is constituted by only one 24-inches monitor. You can give commands to the car through the pad in the center of the console or smaller pads on the sides of the steering wheel.

The manufacturer combines the traditional design elements of the brand with the futuristic features to create a fresh look. There are LED lights on the sides of the interior, and the ventilation units change color according to their settings.

The Assistants

The new EQ model also features various modern supportive features for the driver. The HERE navigational system provides precise data about the location of the car and is even able to automatically change the speed of the vehicle according to the external factors. The most recent Car-to-X technology communicates with the other people on the roads and infrastructure to make the traffic as smooth as possible for everyone. The new driving assistants represent a step towards the autonomously driven car.

On The Way To High-Quality Model

It is evident from the current information that the new model will provide the high amount of riding quality together with the stylish design. The new Mercedez-Benz sub-brand which is aimed to reach the market in 2019 will very probably live up to the expectations since the manufacturer is dealing with every aspect carefully and with care. The new EQ concept thus may become a revolution among the electric cars providing the immense range together with excessive power.

Image credit: autoweek.com

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