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The Beast is Here
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The Beast is Here

When a car earns the nickname of “The Beast”, one can easily imagine how powerful it must be. This word conjures up images of fire, fury, and strength. Race car driver Alex Lloyd took a car called “The Beast” for a spin at the latest edition of one of America’s most famous endurance events, 25 Hours of Thunderhill. His experience with the car was an exciting one, as he learned exactly why this particular automobile has earned such a ferocious nickname. Lloyd endured an incredible few days behind the wheel of this heavily-modified Superlite SLC.

The 25 Hours of Thunderhill event is held annually at the Thunderhill Raceway Park, just outside of Willows, California. This 7-mile track is well-known for its sharp twists and turns. The event itself has been going since 1991. It originally featured a 12-hour endurance race, but the time limit was upped to 24 hours and then eventually 25 hours over the years, making this the longest closed road race in the United States. Teams come from all around the world to take part in this grand event, and their cars are usually riddled with intricate modifications.

The Beast is one incredible example of a car that has become entirely different from what it once was. Originally a Superlite SLC, a relatively unknown model, the team at Davidson Racing decided to make a few changes to this particular automobile to turn it into something better. They transformed the car from a two-seat vehicle to a single-seat automobile, placing the driver’s chair right in the middle. They also changed countless other aspects of the car including its frame, body, suspension and more. Next, the fuel tank was replaced with a custom part and a new engine was added to provide a boost in horsepower.

With all of those changes, the experience of driving the car is a truly unique one. Officially known as the “Eagle”, this car is a machine ruled by power and unpredictability, as Lloyd found out on his first few laps of the track. It didn’t take long for the race car driver to notice that the gearbox was struggling with some issues and the car was losing fuel too. The race had been going for hours by the time he was able to enjoy some relatively smooth riding.

Lloyd was mostly driving at night. The darkness of the surroundings was emulated inside the car itself, where a lack of LED lighting made matters quite complicated for the driver. The absence of light only helped to add to the dark allure and monstrous nature of the Beast. Lloyd recounts how he felt like he was barely in control of the vehicle, which seemed almost to have a mind of its own. It raced around the circuit, overtaking countless top brand models with ease until it eventually gave out due to a fuel injector issue. The Beast didn’t win this particular race, but showed that it was more than capable of going faster than any other car on the track.


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