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The Authentic Maserati Ghibli
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The Authentic Maserati Ghibli

The Maserati Ghibli has demonstrated to the world that it has what is needed to do well in the large executive sports car category. The Ghibli gives a true feel of a pure Maserati machine. The ride is firm and its build quality is not too shabby either. In terms of style, the car is distinctive and stylish. It offers something very different than other cars. The Ghibli was created with the sole purpose of dominating the car industry and has a very dramatic appearance. It is highly versatile as it offers all sort of driving experience. This is the first time a Maserati car has been given the privilege of having a diesel engine.  

The V6 twin-turbo engine of the Ghibli is pretty impressive and powerful. The axles used in the Ghibli are shorter. Apart from that, the Ghibli also has a double front frame with five rear suspensions that are linked. There is also an option for adaptive damping. Additional equipment that comes together with the Ghibli includes a touchscreen, a parking camera, xenon light headlamps, automated climate control, and leather seats. Despite having an average suspension, the Ghibli is all about fun and excitement. The weight distribution of the Ghibli is evenly distributed to all its wheels. This perfect balance gives stability especially coming out of sharp corners. The Ghibli is equipped with a variable-speed steering and stability control that grants the Ghibli with better handling.

The sound generated by the Ghibli’s exhaust gives out a low pitch rumble that hums harmoniously with the engine sound. It may be a little noisy for some auto lovers. Upon revving the Ghibli, there is an old school sound to its engine. Revving the Ghibli is a pleasant experience as it revs smoothly. But the Ghibli isn't just about power. It is a highly responsive car that has great gearing and a sharp throttle. This may just be the car to own for those looking for a unique brand and distinctive experience.


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