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The Asfané Supercar: Outrageous Design by Frangivento
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The Asfané Supercar: Outrageous Design by Frangivento

Maybe you are unimpressed by supercars going from zero to 100 km/h (62 miles per hour) in less than three seconds or completing laps in the fearsome Nürburgring circuit in seven minutes. Or perhaps you are unmoved by diamond-encrusted headlamps fitted on highly priced hypercars. According to one supercar startup, an aquarium is just what you need to reignite your enthusiasm for supercars. The company intends to combine electric power with unique styling featuring two people and two fish.

In the increasingly crowded realm of high-performance hypercars, it is probably useful to get all the attention you can get, but Italian company Frangivento appears to be more than desperate to be noticed. It has been showcasing its Asfané supercar across Italy and other areas of Europe, even going as far as using a helicopter to take the car atop the Ra Valles section of the famous Cortina D'Amprezzo ski resort, located 2,475 meters (8,120 feet) meters above sea level – in other words, matching big mountains with big motors.

The entire Asfané supercar has been made in a way that is guaranteed to turn heads, with an extreme design that harks back to the concept cars of the 70’s that were characterized by wedges. The car’s thick silver-framed wedge rises from the belt line and covers the roof on both sides. From the topmost section, the design transforms into a strong rear fascia with a massive diffuser beneath the tailpipes that stick outwards, bounded by the body work’s trailing edges.

The silver pillars hold what seems like DRL sharply-defined eyebrows atop dual pop-out headlights. Away from the pillars, the cars bodywork merges with aerodynamic components such as side skirt winglets and huge front intakes. The windshield, divided by a central wiper, seems to have just the right curvature to enable the driver to see ahead. And if Italian auto media reports are accurate, that lone windshield wiper includes built-in camera equipment for taking selfies.

We have contacted Frangivento to furnish us with more information about the Asfané- for example the layout, size and performance of its powertrain options which feature an all-electric assembly. There is some differing information out there, primarily in Italian, so we prefer to wait for confirmation about these details from the company itself.

Meanwhile, it might be useful to analyze the new Asfané Charlotte Roadster, which made its debut this week at the Top Marques Monaco supercar show. Looking at it from the outside, it is slightly more subtle than the radiant-red heli-skiing coupe described above. The soft white paint of the Charlotte almost fuses smoothly with the silver-colored arches. Amidst these arches, the roof cutout transforms it into the perfect roadster.

But the real story is inside. Instead of the lifeless panel that you expect to see supporting the two seats, the designers of the car have installed something quite different – a bright-blue aquarium that even includes a colorful fish duo called Nemo and Dory. It seems Frangivento might have picked the same names for their fish as their Hollywood colleagues.

Whereas an aquarium is bound to create a buzz even in an event that is known for extravagance and lavishness, it may be the most ridiculous item we have ever seen in any car. One cannot imagine the poor tiny fish trying to cope with the turbulence generated by the driver testing the car’s alleged peak acceleration. And who will feed the fish when the car is parked in a huge garage for exotic cars for extended periods of time?

The aquarium is undoubtedly the main talking point of the car’s unique interior, but there are others. Also noteworthy point is the delicately-designed central console, which descends from the dashboard to support a floating control deck at the right hand of the driver.

We will provide updates relating to the powertrain details and other specifications when we get feedback from Frangivento, but we could not rest for the weekend without reporting about the world’s most expensive aquarium. We hope that we are in time to save you from buying a supercar that does not have an in-built aquarium. As reported in a media alert that was issued by Top Marques, you will need to wait for up to two years to get an opportunity to buy the Asfané. The car will cost you about US $1.6 million (approximately € 1.5 million).

In case that is not enough to make you less enthusiastic about ridiculously-designed and eccentric cars this week, a video (attached below) of the helicopter shoot may just be the thing to do it .We have also extracted some still photos from the video and compiled them in a photo gallery so you can get a slower tour of the car’s outrageous styling.  

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