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Bunny Burkett: A Racing Legend on a Mission
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Bunny Burkett: A Racing Legend on a Mission

When we talk about automotive sports, there are a very few women that come to mind. Carol Burkett, also known as ‘Bunny’, is among the first ones that do. She was a famous drag race driver who became part of a sport dominated by men, and showed everyone that women belonged in the racing world as well.

There are many people today who would still say that motorsports is not a sport for women. It is safe to say that they would change their minds in a heartbeat if they look up who Carol Bunny Burkett is. She went on to become one of the most renowned female Funny Car dragsters of all time. She was a legend and her mission was to become one of the best drivers in the world of drag racing.

The Start of a Mission

Bunny won the very first race that she took part in, after which she emerged as a very formidable and competitive drag racer. She raced throughout the 60s and the 70s to become a highly popular driver in Funny Racing. She was the first female driver to win an IHRA Funny Car Championship in 1986, and was the only one to do so until 2005. Also known as ‘the first lady of Funny Cars’, Bunny Burkett has a lifetime of achievements to show for her success.

Bunny’s Passion to Race

Most automobile sports are male-dominated but Bunny Burkett did not let that hold her back. She loved racing and her passion for the sport made her a pioneer in drag racing for women.

During her racing career, Carol Bunny Burkett has gone through a nearly fatal car crash, in 1995, and has been diagnosed with cancer twice, but her spirit stays unbroken. Her love for the sport can be seen by the fact that she came back to race even after the crash, a feat most racers cannot easily achieve. She says that the crash made her come back stronger and turned her into a better driver.

Despite everything that she had to go through, Bunny could not keep herself away from the drag strip which is a clear indication of the mission she was on. It’s no wonder that she is now a legend in the world of drag racing.

Becoming a Legend, One Achievement at a Time

Bunny Burkett was able to set some quarter-mile and eight-mile records that cemented her name in Funny Car racing. She has been in the racing business for over fifty years now and is still going strong. She is also the face of the Funny Racing team known as ‘Bunny and the boys’.

She reminisces how men would throw away their helmets and kick their cars’ tires after being beaten by a girl. It gave her the status of a legend and her mission saw fulfillment as many other women followed her to become professional drivers as well.

Carol Bunny Burkett was a pioneer in her field. She inspired many women to break the dominance of men in motorsports and showed that with passion and talent, anyone can follow their dreams. She has become a legend by dedicating most of her life to the hardcore sport of Funny Racing, and has accomplished a mission that many said she would not be able to.

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