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Ryan Partridge's Rough Road
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Ryan Partridge's Rough Road

It’s not easy being Ryan Partridge. After experiencing a series of challenges ranging from merely frustrating to downright devastating, he now faces another major speed bump: an entire lost season. Due to failure to secure his license in time, he will be unable to compete. But how did this seemingly egregious error occur?

Initially, NASCAR press officials blamed Partridge’s lack of successful licensing on his neglecting to submit his paperwork in time. However, after some private time apparently used to collect these thoughts and process the news, Partridge took to social media to explain that, in fact, it was an ill-timed inconclusive drug test that had sidelined him. Because his test had been processed the day before opening night, he simply did not have an opportunity to retake it to qualify for his license. He emphasized, “To clarify, I did not test positive for any banned substances.”

Partridge went on to give a more in-depth explanation of the lengthy testing process: “You first call requesting a test kit, then they call back usually a day later needing information and specifics, then they send you kit, once received you make appointment with a specified clinic, after sample is given they package it up and send it back east again, once they receive it's a 3 to 4 day testing process, all in all totaling over a week.” Obviously, finding out his test was inconclusive less than 48 hours before opening night did not allow for the process to be repeated in time.

Despite the “devastation” that he admitted to feeling for not only himself but also for his crew, Partridge seemed determined to find a sense of purpose in what many would see as a crushing series of events. He elucidated that since losing his father a few years ago, he had felt that he had not “made any progress in [his] personal life,” and he intended to seize this opportunity to focus on that. He expressed immense gratitude for the support he had received and for the career that he had been able to enjoy thus far, and he promised to keep his fans updated on future plans.


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