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Next Generation Porsche 911 Coupe & Cabriolet Spotted Undergoing Road Tests
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Next Generation Porsche 911 Coupe & Cabriolet Spotted Undergoing Road Tests

This hinted-to-be hybrid Porsche 911 has only been seen testing in the white snowing winter by autoexpress.com spy cameras. This, we believe, is the initial tests it's undergone since it was created. With these few lucky spy camera shots, it’s very difficult to make correct predictions on the armor it wears on its muscular body.

Different from previous camera shots on the next 911 is that it has the 911 Turbo quad exhaust set-up and also its bumper. However, we can’t correctly outline the design of this coupe cabriolet.

Rumors have it that Porsche Cabriolet is planning to launch a huge next 911 track. This is said that it will have a stable driving dynamics and awesomely stable handling. There is a hint that the hybrid technology might also be integrated in the final Porsche 911 model.

Since the integration of the hybrid technology requires ample space, it hints at the possibility of a wider track to accommodate this hybrid engine.

Porsche has affirmed on the use of electric technology to create its motors. Hybrid power trains will also be part of the Porsche as stated by Dr. Erhard Mossle, the engineering boss of the 911 coupe cabriolet.

The 911 is therefore not yet here as the hybrid technology requires time to fit into the body of the Porsche. We will have to wait for at least a year or more for the next generation to be here.

The advantage of hybridizing the cabriolet will mean that it will have highly reduced Carbon in oxide emission and it will be very economical. This does not mean that it will be a slow performance. In fact, better performance and comfort are its priority.

The Porsche boss hinted in January that it use six cylinder engine. Therefore, performance is given a great deal of attention.

In 2015, the 911 coupe cabriolet Porsche was received a lot of modifications on the updated 911.2. It is thus confirmed that the cabriolet will require some more years to be here.

The few camera shots we have on the cabriolet indicate that the egocentric machine will probably change its looks and will have a huge hip to take in the larger hybrid engine. It appears to have a long thin shiny led body flowing to the rear where it converges to two clusters of light.

Image source: autoexpress.com

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