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National Geographic’s Car S.O.S is Now Back on Track
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National Geographic’s Car S.O.S is Now Back on Track

Audiences have been wondering whether or not they had seen the last of the handsome duo Townshend and Shaw. Now, their worries can be put to rest. National Geographic has just stated that they are bringing this motoring show back on track, for a fifth season.

How the show runs

Well-known hosts, Tim Shaw and Fuzz Townshend, appeared back on the screen on March 16, much to the relief and joy of their faithful viewers. Fuzz Townshend is as ready as always to shock and teach the audience a little something with his amazing mechanic skills, while enthusiast Tim Shaw cannot wait to get his hands on some new classics that are sorely in need of attention and a little loving.

On finding these vehicles, the duo secretly take them away from their unsuspecting owners and work on them, restoring them to their former brilliance. All of this finally leads up to the big expose, where the owners are mind blown to see their old, rickety vintage vehicles, capable of being used again.  It is because of the possibility of, perhaps, being the lucky one to have their car restored, that viewers are so thrilled to have National Geographic’s Car S.O.S back on track again.

What makes the show so engaging?

In most cases, the owners are major car enthusiasts themselves but for some reason or the other, they have not been able to continue looking after their vintage car thus, making them run out of shape.

In this season, viewers are expected to get more than ever before. The cars that will take centre stage this season include a jaguar Mk.2, 1971 Fiat, a Mercedes Benz and so much more. The first episode featured the Mercedes Benz that had been left uncared for as the owner experienced a heart attack, after which he was no longer capable of looking after the vehicle.

Behind the scenes

With the enthusiasm and love for vintage vehicles that these two bring to the show, this season is bound to see more viewers than ever before. Townshend’s team of experts who take up the job of restoring, usually work behind the scenes and are not largely featured in the show. However, one can certainly see the expertise that are at play, given the marvellous state that they bring the vehicles to.

One can claim that all the seasons have a similar structure, wherein the two men find a car that is in need of restoration and then review all that needs to be done for it. This is followed by placing the car onto a trailer and carrying it off to Townshend’s workshop for the work to begin. Watching the excitement on people’s faces when they see their rundown vehicles being brought back to perfect shape is certainly something beyond compare.  

Apart from being a part of National Geographic’s Car S.O.S coming which is now back on track, Townshend also contributes regularly to Practical Classics and Classics Car Weekly magazines. Shaw, on the other hand, has been host to many well-known car shows like Britain’s Worst Driver and Fifth Gear. However, Car S.O.S. has been rated the best in providing factual information and the most favourite show of viewers in the U.K.

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