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Meet Elibriea: Qatar's First Homegrown Supercar
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Meet Elibriea: Qatar's First Homegrown Supercar

Something new is coming from the Middle East. At the recent Qatar Motor Show, Elibriea Automotive hunveiled a new radical sports car concept that looks like a four-wheeled stealth bomber: the Elibriea.

Billed as Qatar’s first homegrown supercar, the Elibriea is the brainchild of 27-year-old Abdul Wahab Ziaullah, a Pakistani resident who graduated with an engineering degree from Texas A&M University’s Qatar campus. Ziaullah is also the founder of Elibriea Automotive, the Qatar-based company behind the Elibriea car project.

A former Texas A&M engineering student, Ziaullah came up with the Elibriea idea more than five years ago while studying at the Texas A&M University’s Qatar campus. 

Ziaullah received funding after making a successful pitch from Qatar National Research Fund. In addition, Ziaullah also received help from the local business group. Qatar-based retailing firm Ali Bin Ali Group also contributed in the car project.

It took Ziaullah and his team two and a half years to build the actual vehicle. But Ziaullah and team won’t reveal exactly how much they spend in the concept car development.

The Elibriea’s radical design reminds us something new, like the iconic Lamborghini Veneno but with even more crazy things sticking out of the bodywork. It features a carbon fiber body and monocoque, and a mid-mounted engine.

For power, the Elibriea uses a General Motors-sourced V6 engine that produces of 525 hp. Other major highlights include an engine bay dynamic vent, a 6-speed sequential transmission, rear-wheel drive and distinct Elibriea doors.

Elibriea claims that its new supercar weight just 2,200 pounds. Unfortunately, the company didn’t publish any performance figures and pricing details. Elibriea says that pre-orders begin in March and deliveries in December. 

Elibriea’s radical design has impressed many visitors at the recent Qatar Motor Show. But like any supercar from a completely unknown maker, people have doubt about Elibriea producing the actual car.  

Image Courtesy of: Gizmag

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