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Lamborghini Recalls Veneno and Many More
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Lamborghini Recalls Veneno and Many More

Here’s some shocking news. Lamborghini is recalling thousands of its cars due to a fire risk. And that also includes its $4 million supercar – Veneno. I hope they quickly modify the car to eliminate any sort of risk, because all of the Lamborghini car models are fantastic, especially the Veneno, which is one of the most coveted cars in the world. Only 12 of them were ever sold in the market. Out of these, three were coupe versions and were each sold for about $4 million. While the others were open-top Veneno Roadsters that were sold for about $4.5 million.

So the news is that the company is recalling about 5,900 of its sports cars. They definitely don’t want to take a chance, which is exactly how they should react.

How did this problem arise? Well, the company noticed that under specific conditions, there is a risk of fire from the vehicles' exhaust. This can specifically happen when the vehicle has a full gas tank and gasoline might come in contact with the exhaust system. However, they also said that they haven’t heard of any extreme cases as of now. I hope everyone's safe!

This voluntary recall on behalf of the company also applies to the 2012 to 2017 models of Aventador Js, Roadsters and Aventador Coupes. The Aventador has a very futuristic design and is one of the few distinguished sports cars that is loved by the younger generation. It is also priced at $4 million.

Owners of these cars are being requested to contact any authorized Lamborghini dealer. The dealers will help upgrade the evaporative emission control (EVAP) systems to the latest version so that the cause for worry is completely eliminated. This started taking place on Tuesday. The company has over 135 dealers worldwide who will manage to sort out the issue in a day or two. 

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  1. Narayan Singh
    Veneno, a beautiful car indeed, I hope they've rectified it!
    1. Ritika
      I know right! Lamborghini's Veneno is a fantastic and super expensive car. The company will rectify it as soon as possible and sort out this mess!


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