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Killjoy Nimbies Get an Earful
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Killjoy Nimbies Get an Earful

There are some events that are enjoyed by a smaller section of people as compared to other, universally appreciated events thus leading to protests by some factions against others. A similar incident surfaced for the Formula E event that was supposed to take place in London in the following year, so it wasn’t a surprise when the killjoy nimbies got an earful from the founder of the event.

What is Formula E About?

Founded by Alejandro Agag, Formula E racing is being seen as the next big thing. Not only does it consist of auto racing but this is done with the help of electric powered cars. Having started back in 2012, the series has seen an increasing number of racers joining in.

Currently, the series has managed to drag in about ten teams, each of which has 2 participants each. These races mostly take place on street circuits. It is only the one that takes place in Mexico City that happens on a road. All the drivers are given two cars each for the race.

What Caused the Ruckus?

Alejandro Agag gave the killjoy nimbies an earful when he was informed about the protests that were being raised by some residents in the area. He felt that England was being controlled by ‘NIMBY’ people who were always looking for ways in which they could use the law to keep enterprises and events that they were not in favour of, away from the place.

A legal suit was filed by a blind author named Jackson who went by the nickname of ‘Professor Nimby’. He was accompanied by professor Ekins, an eminent scholar of green technologies. This is why the Formula E team went ahead and canceled their plans to host the series in Battersea Park, which is a very well-known landmark in London.

However, the ‘nimbies’ defend their stand by saying that although this is supposed to be a green-event, it will leave a very big carbon footprint behind. The common feeling was that car racing was not meant to be held in a green park but in a more suited location.

Chief executive Agag says that the conflict is actually between the Wandsworth council and the people as the people felt it was unfair for the council to rent out the park. It is believed that this movement of location is likely to damage London’s reputation as being a place where major sports events are staged.

The Current Situation

This legal challenge came to light just after the Formula E grand-prix was held in Paris. This revolutionary race was apparently the first to grace the streets of the French capital in the modern period.

The ruckus caused by the residents is going to be responsible for moving this race that is powered by 140 mph batteries, to another location. The current location that it is expected to move to is New York.

The growing popularity of the Formula E series is undeniable as even last year it gathered huge numbers of spectators that exceeded 60,000. However, it is clear that even if the killjoy nimbies get an earful, it may not go far in making them change their minds, making it very likely that the event will be pushed out of England.  

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