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Jr. Schumacher Gets Ready To Follow The Legend
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Jr. Schumacher Gets Ready To Follow The Legend

It’s always interesting to look at the careers and exploits of the men and women who follow in their parents’ footsteps, especially when their parents happen to be successful stars in the world of sport. Michael Schumacher is arguably the most successful Formula 1 driver of all time, holding an astonishing number of titles and setting countless records over the course of a long career. Now, his son, 16-year old Mick Schumacher, is preparing to forge his own path and follow in the footsteps of his legendary and iconic father. According to the latest news, Mick Schumacher could soon be joining up with his own team, a team that has links to the famous Ferrari brand.

Michael Schumacher is without question a star of the motorsport world. Over the course of an incredible career, the German was able to win seven Formula 1 World Championships, along with countless other awards and titles. The 47-year also famously made the news in 2013, when he was involved in an unfortunate skiing accident that left him in a comatose state for several months. The star remains in a relatively critical mental condition, but none of that can take away from the success he enjoyed in his racing days. It would clearly take a driver of incredible skill and natural talent to ever surpass Michael Schumacher, but his teenage son Mick will surely try his best.

Mick Schumacher has already won his first award: the 2015 edition of Formula 4’s Best Rookie title. Formula 4 races are specially designed for younger drivers, preparing them for possible careers in the higher racing categories. So far, Mick has excelled in these races and has clearly done enough to impress a team called Prema. Prema is an Italian team that focuses on junior events and European Formula 3 racing. The team was founded in 1983 and also has close connections with Ferrari, the famous manufacturer with whom Mick’s father worked for many years during his most successful period on the track.

Mick made his official racing debut last year while working with a Dutch team called Van Amersfoort. Clearly, the youngster has already set his sights on a long-term racing career and, after enjoying success in the German version of Formula 4, now wants to move onto the Italian series for the new year. It is for this reason that the 16-year old had decided to make contact with Prema. His manager, Sabine Kehn, revealed that talks were ongoing with the Italian team and that a meeting would soon be taking place. It will certainly be interesting to see the results of this meeting and to follow the fledgling career of one of the sport’s most exciting prospects. Few fans will expect Mick Schumacher to ever enjoy the same level of success as his esteemed father. However, he clearly has plenty of motivation and only has to look at his father’s career for inspiration.

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