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Jeff Gordon: The Real First Win
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Jeff Gordon: The Real First Win

As a kid, it was hard to watch full races on television. I’ve never lived close to a track, so the television was as close as I could get—but the magic gets lost sometimes, despite moving from racing circuit to electrical circuit.

As I grew older, I managed to concentrate on the races more, and it was worth it. I’d finally grasped the magic, and NASCAR’s Turn It Up sure helped. I could sit on the couch for hours every Sunday, listening to the announcers and the engines growling.

However, I kept missing out on my favourite driver’s wins. Jeff Gordon, driver of the Chevrolet #24, kept eluding me with his wins. I had a personal connection to Jeff long before I could sit down and watch a full race, but I still wanted to see it with my very own eyes.

The past few years, I couldn’t afford the racing networks. It hurt, keeping up with the news via NASCAR’s Twitter, but I had to deal with it. They’re very informative, at least. It’s almost like reading a novel on the race.

But I still wanted to see it.

While I was visiting family, I noticed one of them had the television on to a race. I immediately plunked myself down and I swear there were stars in my eyes the entire time. Surrounded by my family, I watched Jeff Gordon come to a win at 5-Hour Energy 400 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race at Kansas Speedway in March 2014. I was in tears, not only because he had won, but because I had finally witnessed it myself. I was a mess—jumping around to everyone’s confusion, but uncaring. I had finally seen what I wanted to see, and not a moment too soon. His first win of the season, and I had seen it in as close to real-time as I'd ever get.

Jeff’s been my favourite driver since I can remember, and I’ll never forget the moment of finally seeing my hopes paid off. He may make the money, but I’d happily give it to him to see another ride like that. To me, that was his first win.


Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commons

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