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Jaguar XJ 2015: A Majestic Car with Quick and Precise Handling
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Jaguar XJ 2015: A Majestic Car with Quick and Precise Handling

The Jaguar XJ 2015 is definitely standing toe to toe with the new Mercedes S-Class and the new BMW 7 Series this year. One glance at the Jaguar XJ, most people would immediately notice that the Jaguar XJ stands out more in terms of its aesthetic values in comparison to the Mercedes S-Class and the BMW 7 Series. With the new facelift, the Jaguar XJ definitely looks majestic and glorious. The new makeover does not only include the car’s exterior appearance, but also the car’s interior outlook. Finer details of the car were given emphasis to refine it further.

With a blend of class and smooth handling, the Jaguar XJ has left many jaws dropping. The current Jaguar XJ is fortunate to help Jaguar reach its million car milestone this year. Since the Jaguar XJ production line begun in 1968, each and every of its successor was merely a modification or upgrade of its predecessor. There was no originality. However, this year, the Jaguar XJ has not only broken away from its comfort zone, but also it managed to bring about a paradigm shift. Despite having a new makeover, the Jaguar XJ still has the essence of its predecessor to propel it forward.

Noticeable extreme makeovers made by Jaguar include new air vents made of chrome in the frontal bumper, new J-blade LED light cluster in the car’s posterior, 2 oval exhausts with a completely new bumper, an 8-inch touchscreen which provides several system applications, and a 12.3-inch digitalized speedometer with a wide navigational screen. Safety features of the Jaguar XJ include semi-autonomous parking, queue control, adaptive cruise control, and an electrical steering system. Despite the replacement of the hydraulic steering with an electrical one, the steering is still precise and fast. However, the Jaguar XJ's electrical steering system is still lacking behind in terms of feedback in comparison to its rivals. While the steering system lacks feedback, the Jaguar XJ offers a whole new driving experience to drivers by immersing them into a ‘total-involvement’ driving experience which totally outclassed its rivals this year.



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