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Jaguar Is Back
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Jaguar Is Back

Automobile companies are always coming up with new ways to make it to the top. Many of these companies are coming up with smart technologies like self-driving cars, while others are constantly improving upon their previous designs.

Jaguar is a company known for its prowess in the world of automobiles. However, we haven’t seen the company take part in many motorsport events for some time. Recently, Jaguar has announced its exciting partnership with Panasonic, and the company is going to be back in the world of car racing as Panasonic Jaguar Racing.

Announcing a New Car

An all-new Jaguar racing car was announced at the company’s event this September. The launch event took place at the Jaguar Collections Centre, where the new I-TYPE 1 car was announced. The car has been developed by Jaguar in partnership with Panasonic, and is the first all-electric model released by the company. The car is set to take part in this year’s FIA Formula E Championship.

Jaguar also announced that Adam Carroll and Mitch Evans will be the drivers entrusted with the job of bringing the company’s name back into the racing world, adding to the excitement of racing fans.

Strong Partnerships to Push Forward

Jaguar is very excited to bring its excellent technologies back to the racetrack. The Chairman of Panasonic Jaguar Racing, Gerd Muser, explained how the company is proud to be back in the motorsport world. He also said that Jaguar wanted to inspire fans to join the company in this exciting endeavor.

The company explained how their partnership with Panasonic will allow them to bring new and innovative technologies to the realms of automobile racing. They are particularly interested in pushing themselves forward in the world of electrical vehicles. Panasonic Jaguar Racing has also partnered up with Lear Corporation to ensure their success in this new endeavor.

Thousands of Minds Put Together

The company is not only trying to make it to the top of the FIA Formula E Championship but is also taking this opportunity to develop their technologies further. Jaguar’s Executive Director, Nick Rogers, said that the company’s participation in the event will help them in developing the next generation of electric vehicles. He estimates that the world of automobiles will change far more in the coming five years than it has in the previous three decades, so this is the time to start pushing ahead. Jaguar is also planning to use the combined expertise of their 9,000 engineers in order to go beyond the norm when it comes to advanced automobile technologies.

Hoping for a Successful Debut

After nine months of tireless work, the company is finally ready to take its first step into the world of competitive racing. The team has been successful in their 21 days of testing before the actual race takes place. The company also realizes that this event will not be easy to excel in, as they are competing against those who have had a two-year head start. They made it very clear at the event that while Jaguar is back in the racing world to win, the priority right now is to innovate.

While they are aiming to do as well as they can in their first event, the team has been careful to keep their expectations in check. But no matter what happens, it is very exciting to see the Panasonic Jaguar Racing team bringing its years of experience to the table and giving the fans of motorsport racing something new to look forward to.

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