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The New Toyota S-FR: Is it Too Cute to Race?
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The New Toyota S-FR: Is it Too Cute to Race?

At this year’s Tokyo Motor Show, Toyota unveiled the concept art for an exciting new car: the S-FR. The S-FR is a small sports car which quickly gained recognition and popularity among car enthusiasts for its particularly attractive style and its unique cuteness factor. Well, a racing version of the S-FR has now been unveiled. We don’t yet know any of the technical details of this particular automobile. In fact, it hasn’t even been officially confirmed to be in production just yet, but it certainly looks like one of the cutest racing cars the world has ever seen.

The original SF-R is just under four meters in length and is able to seat four people. The design of the car is particularly notable for its small size. It is able to maintain the aspects that most people desire in a typical sports car but provides them in a pretty tiny package. It has rear-wheel-drive, a six-speed gearbox, independent suspension and is also estimated to be packing plenty of horsepower. These characteristics should help to ensure that the SF-R will be a big hit with sports car enthusiasts, only time will tell if its racing sibling will enjoy the same success.

In fact, the racing version of the SF-R has possibly been getting people even more excited than the original. Reactions have been very positive so far, with fans particularly enamored by the style of the latest design. The racing S-FR is cute and cool all at once, with a smooth, curved body that measures just below four meters in length and around 1.7 meters in width. This new version of the car also comes complete with a variety of race-related additions like a large rear wing, a front splitter and dive planes. All of these things give the SF-R a more professional status while also contributing to its charming style.

Unfortunately, we don’t yet know any real technical details for this car and experts will have to make estimations until the official numbers are released. Toyota will surely be pulling out all the stops to pack plenty of power into this relatively small car, but time will tell just how impressive it turns out to be. We can at least expect to see a small turbo engine being used to power this machine and fans are already eager to learn more about this exciting new model from the Japanese manufacturer.

For now, Toyota has made no official statement to confirm or deny whether or not either version of the SF-R will actually be produced, but we doubt that these concepts have been created without a real production plan behind them. Both cars look great, with the cute racing variety being especially attractive and exciting. This model will surely attract plenty of spectators if it truly does get made and starts being entered into racing events. The car might look like it’s too cute to race, but we’re sure it’ll have plenty of aggression under the hood.


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