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If You Need Speed on a Budget, Then Get Yourself a Small Ford Block
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If You Need Speed on a Budget, Then Get Yourself a Small Ford Block

When it comes to crate engines, Ford engines are some of the most popular out there. This gives the car builder an opportunity to choose from a wide array of options and prices. Sadly, it also means there are more opportunities for you to get it wrong.

Before you start the search for your new block, you should be clear and know what kind of engine you want. Write down the specs you need and even carry a picture with you. Having a clear goal lessens the chances of you being distracted by the myriad of options. An engine is a huge expense so be sure you buy from a trusted source, although junk yards are a potential source be wary of them, they are unlikely to have a return policy. Bear in mind you get what you pay for, so cheapest isn’t always the best option.

The car in which you are going to fit your engine into is very important, because it determines the size of the engine you get. If you are buying an engine for a bone stock car than you simply buy the original engine. If not, then you’ll need to know the size of the engine you need, its measured in cubic inches. As you modify your car, you will find that some parts do not match your car body. In the case of engines, it is called engine displacement. Engine displacement is when your engine size is smaller than where it needs to be fit in, it is a hassle to handle but very important. Despite what many may advise you, it is not a good idea to bore the cylinders to increase cubic inches, especially on early model fords. A better option is building a stroker engine, you are increasing the size of the engine by increasing the size of the crank. Increasing the length of the crank stroke has the added advantage of increasing torque, which is a plus in any street race.

The 289, 302,351w, 428FE, 331, 347,408w,418w and 427w are the favored Ford small blocks for street/strip hot rods. If you have the budget and want a more powerful stroker engine than you should consider the 351w. The 351w fits well with early Ford model cars, like Mustangs, Cobra, Fairlaine or Galaxie.


Image: Ford 351w, Low Rider

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