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Glorious Ram Guts
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Glorious Ram Guts

I will readily admit that I am the type of person that advertisers dislike; I tend to tune out advertising because I find most of it stupid, irrelevant or just plain annoying. Being a car guy, however, I do often pay attention to automotive ads. And, while most automotive advertising targets a fairly wide demographic, I have noticed that ads for pickup trucks are usually written with a decidedly male focus.

This is to be expected, though, as I recently discovered that almost 90 percent of full-size pickup buyers are men. Not surprising, I suppose, considering a pick-up's intended purposes, but that is a big majority in a vehicle segment that is extremely important to Detroit's Big Three.

Consider this: The full-size trucks from Ford, Chevy, GMC and Chrysler typically take four out of the 10 top selling vehicles spots in North America, with the F-150 being the best-selling vehicle overall in Canada and the US for over three decades.

To this end, pick-up truck's male-oriented marketing often feature pretty macho types such as NFL Hall-of-Famer Howie Long (Chevrolet), the perpetually angry Denis Leary (Ford) and the ultra-masculine voice of Sam Elliot uttering those immortal words: Guts. Glory. Ram. And, of course, the ads usually feature the trucks performing all sorts of extraordinary feats of power and strength; pulling trains, carrying tons of concrete blocks, hauling a C-123 cargo plane to a stop, racing over the sands of Baja, doing smoky burnouts while reversing the Earth's rotation, etc., etc.

These truck ads can certainly be very entertaining and compelling, but, to my mind, they often border on the ridiculous. No, scratch that; they storm across the border like an invading army. A recent ad for the Chevy Silverado made the observation "Men love trucks. Why? Because trucks don't ask why."

Geez, I'd be surprised if some feminists aren't all over that one. And, Guts. Glory. Ram. Really? That sounds like something that you would see on a U.S. Marine Corps recruiting poster for Pete's sake. I guess an advertiser's job is a tricky one because I find some truck ads stupid, irrelevant or just plain annoying.

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