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Georges Bouilot: Impatient on the Racetrack and Impatient in Life
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Georges Bouilot: Impatient on the Racetrack and Impatient in Life

By the time Georges Bouilot had begun his 15th year of life, he had undergone the training that French law mandated for a professional mechanic. Still, he did not pursue a career in that same field; instead, he took up car racing. He achieved amazing speeds on the racetrack, and the people of France adored him because he had become a two-time winner of the Grand Prix.

He almost won that particular race three times. In fact, during his the final race of his short, car-racing career he was in the lead during almost every one of the race’s laps. Sadly, he had to abandon his quest for victory number three during the final lap. The tires on the wheels of his car wore out before he could finish the race’s last lap.

Luckily, his experience with bad tires did not dampen Beloit’s love for speeding down the racetrack or roadway. Instead, he put an end to that part of his life because he felt obligated to help France, his native country. At that time, France was headed towards a major confrontation, one that would have French soldiers facing German soldiers on the battlefield.

Beloit held dreams of being a pilot, and he signed-up with that intention. Unfortunately, all of the people of France had heard his name, including some of France’s biggest generals. General Jofre wanted to stay in constant contact with his commanders, but each of them directed troops that were 80 miles from the center of command for the French military.

Jofre decided that Beloit’s driving skills could help him to achieve his objective. He had young Georges drive him from one troop location to the next. Somehow, the General managed to stay seated on the back of the car’s rear seat, even though his driver sped along at close to 100 miles an hour.

Despite the fact that he loved driving, Georges Beloit wanted to get closer to the action. He had seen the warplanes flying in the sky. Longing to sit in the pilot’s seat of such a plane, Georges asked to be relieved of his behind-the-wheel duties. He then completed the training required of a pilot.

After completing that training, he flew many missions and downed lots of German planes. Finally, Beloit’s plane became the target for a German pilot. Soon, the man that had sped around the racetrack discovered that he was rapidly falling towards the Earth’s surface. French papers then shared the sad news about one of the country’s Grand Prix drivers. He had made the ultimate sacrifice for his country.  

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