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The Steps to Gaining Sponsorship
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The Steps to Gaining Sponsorship

You’ve purchased a car, you’ve gained entry into a race, and you are on your way to becoming a Phenom in your own right. But there’s something missing. You aren’t quite “there” yet in terms of doing what you love full time, and you don’t exactly have the funds in order to continue racing. What should you do next? Quit? No, you’ve invested too much time and energy into this endeavor in order to cast it to the wayside. You need a sponsor.

You need someone to help back you financially, as a means of Quid pro quo aspect to continue your dreams, and allow your sponsors to capitalize on your (and their) investment. I want to give you the tools and knowledge in order to help you further your racing career, and turn this part-time gig in to a full-fledged career.

I want you to realize that in the world of racing, you all know that nothing comes easy. You could have all the financial backing you want, but unless you know how to drive, and drive well, you could kiss your chance of a sponsor goodbye. Keep your outlook realistic in terms of what you would even approach a sponsor for. If you’ve only won two small regional races, Goodyear isn’t going to give you a ring on the phone and talk sponsorship deals. It is realistic, however, to maybe talk with a local investor looking in to market. Look for people who have made similar investments, and approach them with a plan in mind. Remember, you need them, more than they need you. Figure out how you will benefit them before you contact any potential sponsor.

Promises are a great feat in human interaction. They can be broken and sever relationships, or they can be strengthened and build relationships. You definitely want to be in the latter in this case, because if there’s one thing a sponsor hates is broken promises. Don’t make them if you can’t keep them. You can’t make promises to win races or championships, because the outcome is always up to fate. Show them your skills, and promise you will only do the best to your ability to win.

Want a way to double your possibilities of sponsors? Start building relationships in your community. Showcasing your people skills on and off the track will do nothing but help further your career. Not only that, but potentially getting to meet and greet those who could help your career. This is one that not only applies to racing, but too many other aspects of people’s careers as well. If you can bother to take the time out of your day tearing up the track in order to help those around you, it makes your character well-known and well liked, which can only mean good things to come.

The last two tips definitely go hand in hand. One, get everything in writing, and two, the needs of the sponsor are met first and foremost. Now, if your daughter’s birthday party is the same day you’re slated to sign autographs at a sponsor function, I’m sure if you talk with them, there is a way to handle situations like that. But if you just don’t bother to show up, that could give you (and your sponsor) a bad image. They don’t like to be mistaken for fools, if you’re being irresponsible and will drop you quickly. As long as you do the best to your abilities, research your potential sponsor and maintain and build relationships, you can be very successful in the world of racing.


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