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Formula E Team Launches World's First Driverless Car Racing Series
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Formula E Team Launches World's First Driverless Car Racing Series

The world’s first all-electric auto-racing series, Formula E, has established a partnership with a company named Kinetik for another first: the creation of the world’s first driverless car racing series. Roborace, which is the name given to the brand new sport series, is about to uphold its races before any Formula E event, and would take place at the onset of a new season.

Roborace will randomly choose ten different teams, having each one equipped with two cars competing with each other in an hour-long race on the same lane circuits on which the Formula E cars compete. Any of the 20 individual electric cars is supposed to correspond to the next one in such a manner that teams will put the emphasis over the algorithms enhancement as well as on artificial intelligence in order to win the race. This strategy resembles the way Formula E teams were created running the same cars for each electric series’ debut season, which eventually improved largely due to the battery technology enhancement.

According to Formula E, one out of ten teams will perform named the ‘’crowd-sourced community team,’’ consisting of ‘’enthusiastic software and technology experts.’’ Besides, the series didn’t announce other specificities regarding Roborace, its teams, or even cars; anyway a representative of Kinetik had shared information throughout Wired UK about vehicles reaching top speed of over 300 kph, which equals to about 186 mph. It is designed to make them faster than the actual Formula E electric cars, which is around 140 mph. It would also signify that the Roborace type of cars would actually represent the fastest autonomous cars in the world, bedazzling Audi’s self-driving RS7, with its top speed reaching up to 149 mph. Roborace have compensated a gap made by the School Series, which stands for an electric kit car kids tournament initiated way before a numerous other races within the first season in Formula E. The School Series was eliminated from the season two schedule just before the starting race in Beijing, making space for a new support series such as Roborace.

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