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Ferrari F12tdf: A Masterpiece with Extraordinary Talents
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Ferrari F12tdf: A Masterpiece with Extraordinary Talents

The all-new Ferrari F12tdf is an exceptional car. Not only is the F12tdf agile, it is also able to maintain the level of poise and focus needed in a sports car. The F12tdf looks set to punish any car in its 5-mile radius and it gives most people the impression that it is ever-ready to chase down any competing set of wheels at any given time and place. This model is truly a talented sports car and a pure masterpiece both inside and out. Unfortunately, those interested in getting their hands on the F12tdf, will not have the chance, as the F12tdf is now out of stock.

Just one look at the spec sheet of the F12tdf, and most car enthusiasts will be drooling their way home. The reworked 6.3-liter V12 engine is capable of producing 769bhp at 8500rpm. The gearbox shifts seamlessly at a faster speed. Down-shifting of the gear is faster by 40% while up-shifting of the gear is faster by 30%. Also, the gear ratios are shorter by 6%. The F12tdf is significantly lighter due to the massive use of carbon fiber in several parts of the car. As for parts that utilize carbon fiber, they include the rear and front bumpers, the Aerobridge Evo (a device that redirects air from the bonnet to the sides of the car), the extended side sills, and the underfloor aerodynamic devices.

The performance of this car is truly top notch. It can go from 0 to 62mph (miles per hour) in just 2.9 seconds and 0 to 124mph in approximately 7.1 seconds. The F12tdf can reach a top speed of more than 211mph. This kind of gutsy performance by the F12tdf comes as no surprise for most auto lovers, as it is expected from a car that is lighter and more powerful like this. In addition, the constant aerodynamic revisions by Ferrari on the F12tdf also contribute vastly to the car's total performance.



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