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Electric Motorsport Gets Jaguar
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Electric Motorsport Gets Jaguar

In encouraging news for the rapidly-developing world of electric motorsports, the globally recognizable car manufacturer Jaguar has just signed on to participate in the new season of Formula E. The automobile industry is changing every day as brands and manufacturers work towards developing safer and more environmentally-friendly vehicles. The Formula E races are a way for the world to celebrate these electronic and ecological innovations in a sporting manner. Therefore, the addition of Jaguar to the roster is an important and exciting moment for the future of electric racing.

One of the most interesting things about Formula E is that it offers manufacturers the opportunity to experiment, and this aspect will certainly have interested the research and development teams working at Jaguar. In fact, hopes are high that these racing events could actually lead to major breakthroughs in electronic automobile manufacture. Currently, batteries need to be charged quite regularly and are clearly not as efficient as they could be. Perhaps Jaguar and other companies can discover better ways to power their vehicles in the months and years to come.

At the moment, the second season of Formula E is well underway. The events involve exclusively electric-powered vehicles being pit against each other on a variety of courses all over the globe. When the concept of Formula E was first proposed, strict rules were in place to prevent teams from making too many modifications. However, those rules were quickly abandoned as organizers began to understand the potential benefits that could come from giving free reign to development teams. Now, the companies involved are able to build their own custom parts like gearboxes or powertrains.

After a rough start for electric vehicles, their popularity is now on the rise. In the beginning, the designs of these cars were often considered to be unfashionable and unattractive. Many people were also reluctant to embrace this new type of technology and the various things that go along with it, like having to charge the car’s battery on a regular basis. Now, the latest statistics from the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission has revealed that the sales figures for electric vehicles have grown exponentially over the last few years. As these cars become more popular, it becomes more interesting and important for manufacturers to start focusing on them.

Some of the latest electric vehicle models to hit the market have been very impressive. These sorts of cars are now getting a much more favorable image as being cool and stylish. The existence of Formula E has helped to reinforce this image, with automobile racing being one of the most-followed sports all around the world. Like many other companies involved in these races, Jaguar will be going to great lengths in an attempt to build the perfect machines and enjoy plenty of plaudits and success. These races represent a great way for spectators to learn more about electric vehicles, and for manufacturers to find new ways to improve them.


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