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The Jaguar E-Pace: Coming Soon in the Blink of an Eye
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The Jaguar E-Pace: Coming Soon in the Blink of an Eye

The world’s fastest growing company is about to release its quickest vehicle once again.

When your luxury vehicle brand reflects the fastest animal on the planet, you’ll have to be as fast as the specie. Jaguar, also known as Panthera onca, is the third-largest feline species in the animal kingdom. In United Kingdom, it emancipated the same specie, with many descendants, which eventually became a British multinational car manufacturer since the 1930s.

Fast forward to 2017; Jaguar is more than ready to present its new crossover. Are you ready?

On the third quarter of 2017, the Jaguar E-Pace Compact Crossover will be released in the market for adrenaline junkies who want to experience Jaguar’s first small compact SUV. This upcoming sports car is expected to carry the features of the F-Pace, in a smaller bundle, targeting a bigger market space. Jaguar loves revealing their sports cars in a camouflage scheme, grabbing the attention of its followers and niche through heart-stopping plastic wrappers. After announcing this new crossbreed of Jaguar, it has created buzz in the Internet, and it’s not stopping from there on.

This amazing ride is designed to stimulate the senses with its head-turning looks backed up by performance and agility. It has been proven and tested to extremes on all conditions and surfaces.

Here’s what you need to watch out for on this raging land rover: 


1. This amazing new model will be revealed in London by July 13, 2017. Beyond that, Jaguar released a teaser photo that reveals the layout and design of its rear lights. 

2. The Jaguar E-Pace promises side windows that match to a point at the rear of the car, and a bigger and more aggressive front air vents than its siblings.

3. E-Pace will range from $20,000 to $23,000, going head to head with BMW X1, Mercedes GLA and Audi Q3.

4. Anticipate a front-wheel-drive car with E-Pace’ six-speed manual gearbox, with alternative versions of a four-wheel drive and eight-speed auto box. Its power will be grounded on a turbocharged 2.0-litre diesel and petrol engines.

5. Sports car design and agility is very important for racecar enthusiasts. E-Pace has sharper handling compared to other land rovers.

6. It has a reduced cargo capacity, giving room for its sporty look on the rear hatch area. It also has extremely beautiful front and rear fenders, with rear haunches, which are accentuated by a mounting window line that ends in a pinched-off quarter window.

7. The E-Pace is smaller than its F-Pace brother with a more curved roof. The car’s façade features a large, rectangular grille as seen elsewhere in the array of Jaguar lines and bordered by two shorter vents on either side.

8. The interior design of this leaping predator has borrowed elements from the F-Pace. The firm’s 12.3-inch InControl infotainment system is an exciting part, and the rest of the cabin is intricately trimmed with soft leather touch plastics.

9. E-Pace boasts its spacious boot, being Jaguar’s first car to use a diesel-hybrid powertrain.


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Photo credits to Car Blogs.

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  1. Erwin Castro
    Erwin Castro
    Nice post Ade!
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