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Bunny Burkett at 70 Pushing 100 MPH
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Bunny Burkett at 70 Pushing 100 MPH

There are many different types of car enthusiasts who were born loving cars with all of their might. Kids first fall in love with toy cars. Then they wear them on their t-shirts. They grow up, fall in love with fancy cars. Then—there’s the ones that wear their love on their sleeve—racing them as pre-teens. Then they find out if the Christmas gifts of their youth are anything like sitting behind the wheel.

Meet Carol “Bunny” Burkett. The legendary drag racer. She’s never been one to play around with the auto-racing experience. Bunny is well known for setting records; another unforgettable moment in history is her accomplishment winning the NHRA national event in the Alcohol Funny Car Competition back in 1986.

She’s faced near-death experiences, soared through the Golden era taking gold like a miner. What’s even more admirable about Bunny is that today—at 70 years old—she is still on the track. But it's not all for show. She doesn’t only appear when they are awarding and remembering the greats—she is still on the track drag racing. She hasn’t lost her competitive drive. She now shares her passion with her team referred to as "Bunny and the Boys".

Bunny’s continuation in the auto-racing world is a declaration that if you love what you do you can do it for a very long time. Bunny has a flamboyant personality, and her fire fuels young race car enthusiasts all around the world. She makes sure that the rest of the world has gas by showing up gracefully and fiercely to interviews when called upon.

Furthermore, her celebrity appearances during her long career are important moments in history. Bunny and the Boys might soon be in a town near you. They’ve been touring, passing out souvenirs and greeting fans non-stop. Bunny’s heart pumps more than blood—obviously, oil, gas, and grit. Long live the legend.

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  1. underdog
    I don't know for sure, but I have heard Carol is a WV girl..if so then you go girl!!! Also, I would know what ever happened to the 67 Mustang body she raced back in the day...67 mustang was my first car and I have missed it ever since I traded it for a Nova in 74...I' would like to find that car and meet Bunny someday.


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