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Be Winter Ready with These 5 Driving Tips
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Be Winter Ready with These 5 Driving Tips

Winter as a season can make the roads quite unpredictable and unsafe. But if you keep a few tips in mind, you can steer clear of danger.

Make sure you maintain a safe distance between other vehicles as well as maintain a low speed. This is because sometimes the roads can be slippery and you never know what the vehicle in front of you is facing. Also, make sure to be especially slow and cautious at corners and junctions. If you’re slow, you won’t have to hastily apply the brakes during such junctions.

Accelerate gently

When the road is slippery, it is best to slowly and progressively accelerate instead of directly hitting the speed limit! This will also help you maintain complete control over the steering of the car.

Recover from wheelspin

If you notice a wheelspin, its best to reduce the acceleration and slowly reapply; the key is to maintain a low throttle in order to maximize grip.

Control speed on a downward slope

It is important to control the speed of your car while climbing downhill, especially during winters. Maintain a slow and steady pace.

Avoid sudden movements

Any sudden application of brakes or acceleration can send your car in shock. Try maintaining a very consistent speed and approach while driving your car around in winter.

Use ABS to your advantage

The ABS gives you a pulsing sensation through the brake pedal if it has been triggered. It is best to keep a firm pressure on the brakes in this condition. ABS helps you steer when you are slowing down.

Now some cars have an advanced electronic stability control system with a snow mode that can be perfect for such winter weather conditions. Another thing to keep in mind is to make sure the top of the hill seems fairly clear before you start the ascent. A snow forecast or weather app can help you understand the climatic conditions before you step out of your house. Hope you found this article helpful!

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  1. Power and Race Crew
    Power and Race Crew
    Thanks for the seasonal post, Ritika! And stay safe out there, everyone.


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