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Audi Racing into E-racing
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Audi Racing into E-racing

The world of technology is driven by companies that aren’t afraid to step into new ventures. These companies are evolving their technological expertise and portfolio constantly, causing the world to progress at a very fast pace.

German automobile company, Audi, has been doing exactly that for many years and it’s at it again. From the year 2017, Audi will be taking part in its first open-wheeler racing competition, giving other notable names of the racing world a run for the top spot.

A Surprising, but Solid Move

For some time, people have speculated that Audi’s next foray into automobile racing would see it participating in the Formula 1 series. But Audi Racing is all set to take its products into the world of E-Racing by taking part in Formula E, in 2017-18.

Audi is not a new name when it comes to motorsport racing. The company has been supporting the Formula E team ABT, both financially and technically, for years. It will use these existing resources to make its own foray into Formula E’s next season.

Audi has also been represented in the DTM, in Germany, as well as around the world in GT Racing. The company has also been the top manufacturer this century when it comes to sports cars and has a very high reputation at the 24 Hours of Le Mans as well.

A New Challenge

While Audi has been actively supporting ABT, next year the company is going to fully participate in Formula E. This will be the first single-seater, E-Racing event that Audi takes part in. The reason why Audi decided to go for Formula E instead of Formula 1 is because the company wants to evolve into a leading manufacturer for electric cars. They are aiming that one out of every four Audi cars should be an electric vehicle by the year 2025. The company’s step to join Formula E, therefore, becomes a logical move as it will help them develop their technologies at a fast pace.

Strong Competition Ahead

The road leading to Formula E dominance will not be easy for Audi. The company has to go against big names like Renault and Jaguar. While Jaguar is also a newcomer to Formula E with this year being their first race in the event, the company is known for its prowess in motorsport history. Jaguar has dominated many racing competitions around the world, including their seven wins at the 24 Hour of Le Mans. Jaguar and Audi have long been rivals in the road car business, and now the competition will extend into the realms of E-Racing as well.

Audi’s decision to take its technical excellence into E-Racing is sure to stir up global interest. For years, the company has been developing new technologies like the diesel hybrids they brought to Le Mans. Now, it is time for them to show what innovations they can bring to the electrical car market, and whether or not their participation in the Formula E series will prove to be fruitful.

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