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Aston Martin to Get More Serious About Supercar Competition, to Unveil Its Monstrous Supercar  by 2020
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Aston Martin to Get More Serious About Supercar Competition, to Unveil Its Monstrous Supercar by 2020

UK-based luxury car maker Aston Martin has been known in the auto world for building amazing grand tourers. But this year, Aston Martin is getting a huge facelift. The British carmaker has just announced plans to venture into the fast-moving world of the supercar, taking on the iconic Ferrari of Italy.

According to AutoBlog, the Gaydon, England-based company has just announced plans to enter a new ground. Under the new leadership of CEO Andy Palmer is about to expand its iconic car lines beyond GT cars into the realm of mid-engined sports cars. Aston Martin will be adding a mid-engined supercar, which will be designed to take on the likes of Ferrari 488, McLaren 720S and the Lamborghini Huracan. 

In a recent conversation with AutoExpress, the Aston Martin CEO has just confirmed the works on the much-talked Ferrari 488-rivaling sports car. The yet-unnamed mid-engine sports car is expected to arrive somewhere in 2020. It will sit somewhere above the upcoming Aston Martin Vanquish but will be cheaper than the Valkyrie hypercar’s rumored $3 million price tag.

Based on that interview with AutoExpress, the yet-unnamed sports car will be a competitor to the Ferrari 488 and will be launched in 2020 as a part of the company’s plan to release a new model of sports car every year.  

Additionally, CEO Andy Palmer also cites the main reasons behind the company's new sports car venture. Palmer explained that going mid-engined will help bridge the gap between the top-tier Vanquish GT car and the much-awaited Valkyrie hypercar. The new car will also allow Aston Martin to compete more effectively in the fast-growing and hotly contested sports car market.

The unnamed mid-engined sports car wouldn’t technically be the company’s first mid-engined sports car. The British car maker has already worked on the Aston Martin Bulldogs in the early 1980s. Unfortunately, the Bulldog has never hit the road.

In addition to the still unnamed mid-engined sports car, the British carmaker is also working on the upcoming Valkyrie hypercar, which is said to have a performance comparable with that of the Swedish-built Koenigsegg One 1 and LaFerrari. The forthcoming Valkyrie, which was co-developed with the Red Bull Racing F1 team, will hit production by next year.

The upcoming Valkyrie hypercar will use a seven-speed automatic gearbox that has been designed by the UK-based Ricardo, which has deep experience in building engines for motorsports and McLaren cars.


Image Credit: Automobile New/Youtube.com

Video Credit: Automobile New/Youtube.com

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