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Bartek Ostalowski Loses His Arms, Continues to Race
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Bartek Ostalowski Loses His Arms, Continues to Race

Having passion is one of the core aspects of being human. We sometimes spend our whole lives trying to achieve the things we are most passionate about. Living a life without passion can make a person feel hollow, which is why most of us are driven forward by our strongest desires.

However, life can often take drastic and sudden turns, causing someone’s dreams to get crushed in an instant. But Bartek Ostalowski has shown the world that even something as devastating as the accident that took away his arms was not enough to kill his dreams. He is a professional racecar driver, who is setting the bar very high for others like him.

A Dream Almost Crushed

Bartek, a Poland native, is 29 years old. He lost both his arms in a horrifying motorcycling accident nine years ago. He had dreamed of becoming a professional racecar driver someday, and this injury compromised his dream greatly.

However, even at the young age of 20, Bartek was strong enough to keep holding on to his lifelong dream. After three years of grueling hard work, Bartek has now become a master of maneuvering a racecar with nothing more than his feet.

A Unique and Determined Racer

After having driven cars with his feet for three years, Bartek was able to get himself registered as an international racecar driver. He has been competing in tournaments like the Cup of Poland and the European Championship of Rally Cross ever since he got his license.

Being the first armless racer in the world, Bartek has raised the bar very high for other aspiring racers with disabilities. He is an inspiration for those people who have faced something terrible in their lives and cannot seem to carry on with their normal routine.

From Racing to Drifting

After Bartek had made his name in the world of racing, he decided to take his career up a notch by entering the world of drifting. For those who don’t know, drifting is a very different sport from normal racing. Drivers need to have a quick mind and precise hand-eye coordination to do well in this form of racing. It is a highly risky sport, and requires a lot of determination and skill even from someone with both arms intact.

Bartek, thanks to his amazing courage and determination, never doubted himself in this new world either. To deal with his physical limitations, Bartek modified his Nissan Skyline according to his needs. He added a new engine to the car, along with an independent gearbox and stronger transmission. He founded his own team by the name of Bart Racing, and took part in the 2014 Drift Open King of Europe.

If you have ever had any doubts about following your passion, you should take inspiration from Bartek’s extraordinary story. Showing the world that even the loss of limbs couldn’t bar him from going after the thing he absolutely loved. Bartek is nothing short of a real-life superhero, drifting around in his car using just his feet.

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