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Another 5 Amazing GoPro Car Videos
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Another 5 Amazing GoPro Car Videos

1. Driving with Dogs

In this video, Keith Hopkin managed to capture a dog’s simple pleasure: hanging their head out of a moving car’s window. Even though there is very little research about the behavior according to experts, a dog sticking their head out of a ca’s window has nothing to do with the breeze, but it does have a lot to do with the myriad of scents they pick up along your route.


2. GoPro Rally Car Video with Audio

This is a short but sweet GoPro car video. An interesting factoid about a large percentage of hypercars, is that most drivers do not drive them to their allotted limit, including on pristine roads. In fact, such vehicles may be a form of artistic transportation, but considering all the work that goes into their design and construction, it's sad people do not drive them as intended. Seeing a person thrash a million dollar Enzo on a bad road? Is something special.

3. Race of Champions Mercedes Formula One in 2.7K

Formula one is among the most popular sports in the world. And with technology advancements, the speed of these vehicles is always increasing. However, at times, the racing can be boring. Watching an entire season of F1 can be an imposing pastime, particularly if you don’t love the sport. This is why this video, is among the best. Get ready for a great compilation!


4. Funny GoPro Car Parking Video

This is one of the funniest GoPro videos out there. It's about parking, and it will show you what some people go through when trying to park their cars within a multi-story car park.


5. GoPro Awards: Sports Car Base Jump

This is another GoPro car video taken by Videographer and GoPro Awards receiver Julien Ledermann. In the video, you'll join a professional BASE jumper, Quentin Lucon, while hitching a ride in his sports vehicle as he takes his leap. The video is a must-watch.

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