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Android Auto: Is Google Planning for More?
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Android Auto: Is Google Planning for More?

It’s no surprise that Google has heavily invested in the auto sector. With its self-driving car initiative, and Android Auto, Google has become increasingly interested in the auto industry. While Android Auto has some awesome features on its own, rumor has it that Google is now building its own infotainment system, which would be even more powerful than android Auto. The buzz is that this system will be an upgraded and better functioning Android Auto.

The question that obviously arises is: How will this new system be any different from Android Auto? Well, Android Auto is just an app in its essence. It is built to first your phone to the car the cars in-house infotainment system. So basically, the phone is what controls everything. Without a phone, there would be no maps or music or any features that Android Auto enables.

According to an article in Greenbot,  Google’s new invention would simply be an infotainment system that has all these features built in. For example, Google maps would automatically be the default navigation system, and Google Play Music as well as other services would be in-built. This would nullify the current problem of manufacturers shipping in dash infotainment systems that are based on the Android OS, but have older versions of Android with poor security. Furthermore, the new system, as stated by Derek Walter “would enable developers to build apps for Android Automotive, which could extend the platform’s capability.”

This concept is still in the making, so nothing is for certain. One must admit that based on initial understandings, this seems like a pretty cool development. For the time being though, there is always Android Auto that is competing for markets with Apple’s CarPlay in true Android vs. iOS form. We look forward to hearing more about Google's new venture in the auto industry -  judging by what Android Auto promises, this new system will bring a whole new dimension to integrated infotainment.


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