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All You Need to Know About Formula One Racing
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All You Need to Know About Formula One Racing

Formula One is one of the most competitive and dangerous auto racing shows in the world. Did you know that approximately 80,000 components are used to build just one F1 car?

This isn’t just any auto racing sport. It's also one of the grandest shows in the world, that consists of about 19 races across 19 countries. The best part of these races, is that they span across five continents!

F1 Speed

With over 240 mph, F1 cars are insanely fast. However, they have to reduce their speed in order to carefully make right turns and manage the track course, which is filled with crazy twists.

F1 Race Tracks

Even though certain auto racing shows use oval tracks, F1 prefers to use temporary street circuits. The stadium is large enough to accommodate millions of people. Over 520 million people in 187 countries watch the F1 races!

F1 Cars

The cars used in F1 are generally constructed completely from carbon fiber composites and are single-seat open-wheel racers. In the 2014 season, they were all powered by a 1.6 litre turbocharged V-6 hybrid engine that was either provided by Renault, Mercedes-Benz or Ferrari. The V-6 engine has a horsepower of 600 with an additional hybrid drive train.

F1’s X-factor

This auto racing event has a budget of more than a hundred million dollars, making it one of the most expensive sports-related events around. The F1’s X-factor is a composite of it's exciting exotic locations, expensive cars, varied array of sponsors, and the awesome celebrity attention it receives.

F1 Teams

The biggest teams in F1 are McLaren, Mercedes-AMG, Red Bull, and Ferrari, while the highest paid professionals of F1 races are Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso.

Want one more fun fact? An F1 pit stop that includes both refueling and changing of the tires? Can take less than 3 seconds! How's that for sporty?

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