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5 Tips for a Professional Racer
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5 Tips for a Professional Racer

When it comes to professional car racing, many people have a million questions running through their heads. So, what are the tips and tricks that one should keep in mind to become the most successful racer? Let’s find out.

1. The String Theory

No, this isn’t your regular string theory; you’ll have to imagine this one in the context of your car. You need to tie an imaginary string from the steering wheel of your car to your gas pedal. What this will do is help you always keep the basic concept in your mind. Let me explain, when you use your steering wheel to take an extreme turn, it applies pressure to the imaginary string tied to the gas pedal. So you should automatically reduce the speed of your car. On the other hand, when you have a straight track in front of you, there is no pressure on the imaginary string, so you can increase the speed.

2. The Art of Braking

Driving on a street is way different than driving on a track. On a professional race track, you’re racing at high speeds and have many turns to watch out for. When you’re approaching a turn, the best way to tackle it is to apply your brakes with a lot of force and a little earlier. This will help you release the brakes as you’re finishing the turn. Saves time and is extremely helpful.

3. Become a Coach

Sometimes, helping others will help you improve your game point. You can understand the sport from outside, try different circuits and help improve yourself as a racer too.

4. Networking

You’ll be privy to a lot of networking events, so make sure you get noticed by the right people for the right reasons. Carrying a visiting card with your details always helps.

5. Need for Speed

If you’ve only just got started, watch out for the top speed. You will feel awkward at times as the pressure hits you, but with time you will fall in love with it.

With regular and dedicated practice you will learn to make the most of your racing and develop your own tricks.

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  1. Dream star
    These tips are helpful.Thanks.
    1. Ritika
      I'm glad you liked it :)
  2. Dream star
    These tips are helpful.Thanks.
  3. Rajul
    That was a quick and helpful read indeed.
    1. Ritika
      So glad, do share!
  4. Gilda
    String theory is clever! Good tips for professionals?!
    1. Ritika
      Ikr! I'm glad you found these tips clever :)


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