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Meet the Throwback “Godzilla” of Motorsport
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Meet the Throwback “Godzilla” of Motorsport

It can often be interesting to take a look back into a car manufacturer’s history. The future will surely be filled with countless new innovations and fresh designs, but it’s equally fascinating to look at older models and see how cars have developed over time. One example of a model with a very exciting history is the Nissan R32 Skyline GT-R. This car was a technological marvel for its time and enjoyed quite a successful career as a motorsport racing model, even earning the nickname of “Godzilla”. Let’s take a look over the history and specifications of the famous R32 GT-R.

This model was developed in the late 1980s, a time when Japanese car manufacturers were enjoying plenty of success. These companies had a lot of money and were renowned for their investments in innovation. Nissan was a leader in this domain, always trying to push the boundaries further and develop fresh ideas. However, the company’s R31 Skyline had failed to impress, and so a lot of hope was being placed in its successor. The company also decided that it was time to bring back the GT-R title, which hadn’t been used since the early 70s.

It was at this point that the idea for the R32 GT-R was born. This model wowed critics and fans alike upon release. It featured an exciting new 2.6 liter twin turbo engine which could offer more than 600 horsepower, and it also had a smart all-wheel-drive system that the company dubbed ATTESSA E-TS. This system was particularly cleverly designed, giving the tires excellent grip by carefully balancing the torque of the machine. At the time, this sort of technology was groundbreaking, so Nissan had high hopes for the model’s future in racing.

The R32 GT-R didn’t disappoint.  It won every single one of the 29 Japanese Touring Car Championship races that it was entered into and blew away the competition in Australia too. It was in that country, after the car won three consecutive Group A Championships, that people began referring to it as “Godzilla”. This was clearly a very fitting moniker. What really impressed journalists and fans was the car’s ability to boost out of corners. Thanks to the all-wheel-drive system, the R32 GT-R could use huge amounts of power on corner exits to speed away from the competition.

Other cars simply could not match the power of “Godzilla”. In fact, the car was so successful in the country of Australia that organizers of national championship events decided to change the rules of their races. The Australian Touring Car Championship therefore became exclusively available for GM Holden and Ford cars. The fact that an organizer would go to such great lengths only helps to demonstrate the ferocity of the R32 GT-R. The car’s success was unparalleled, and “Godzilla” clearly made its mark on the world. This model is now remembered fondly by many motorsport fans, thanks to its remarkable history and innovative features.

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